31 Days: Live Intentional {Day 14} Unabashed Blog Promotion

by Lisa on October 14, 2011

Too tired to think.

The kids are in bed—finally. But still awake. Dinner dishes are stacked in the sink. My sheets are in the dryer. CC carry-all-tote is still in the middle of the living room floor. Couch cushions are askew. Tufts of old-man-dog-shedding-his summer-coat hair are in the corners of the living room. Hubby-dear  is standing just outside my “office”/utility room doing a funky jig singing about the “Nina, the Pinta & the Santa Maria”. And, the puppy is in the garbage.

Too tired to think. Way too tired.

So…let me give you a list of other cool blogs to check out. These are only a handful of the 750+ blogs doing the 31 day challenge. There are many, many amazing writers.  A boat-load of styles. A ton of great topics. And, a whole lotta inspiration, but these are few of the ones I keep returning to.


Annie’s Musings @ writing. (Well written. Ha! Couldn’t help myself.)

Carrie Loves—31 Days of Blog Designs, Tips & Tricks  (Disclaimer: I, obviously, have not yet taken any of the good tips, but I will).

Balancing Beauty & Bedlam — (All about cold, hard, cash…well not really. It’s really about 31 days to balancing beauty & budget. Which is good for me cause I desperately need a haircut and color. Who ever said grays are pretty?)


Chatting at the Sky (Beautiful blog, beautiful thoughts, beautiful words, beautiful tag line—A Place for Your Soul to Breathe)

91.9 New Life (Loved his testimony & continuing encouragement)

Missional Mama (Nuff said)

Satellite Saint (Okay…so he’s not really taking part in the 31 Day challenge, but many provoking, challenging  & convicting, good thoughts.)


Nesting Place (We all “know” her—thanks to this 31 Day Challenge.)

The AJB’s & Me (Loads of lovely images.)

Just cause I like ‘em

Apropos Via (Hubby-dear)

Training Olives (What’s not to like about olives? And, we’ve got a few youngins the same age.)

So…that’s it for tonight. Off to bed. Night night.



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Missional Mama October 16, 2011 at 8:05 am

Hey Thanks for the mention. I am going to visit around your links and check them out. I am enjoying your posts. I like how real you are in your writing!

Have a restful Sunday!

Annie October 16, 2011 at 12:35 pm

Thank you for the mention! I’m thrilled to hear you’re finding my series helpful!

You commented on “{day nine} the real” that “writing is an act of living intentionally,” and I love that. It is, it so is. I am one of the few people I know who journal {although I am admittedly on a hiatus right now}, and I think some of my friends thought it was strange that I would, but I wouldn’t change those times of writing and reflection for anything. It helps me remember the sweet and the hard times of my life, and in the remembering there’s appreciating; in the appreciating there’s full living.

I have to say, also, that I err on the side of commas myself. It’s supposed to go anywhere there’s a natural pause in speech, so I try to read things aloud and see where I’d pause if I were speaking {and how, because obviously periods and dashes and semicolons represent pauses in speech, but put a comma in place of any of those and you’ve got a comma splice!}. In my opinion, the number of commas is irrelevant. It’s where you put them that matters!

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