31 Days: Live Intentional {Day 18} Conversation

by Lisa on October 18, 2011

jonathan: “Goodnight, Mom.”

me: “I love you. I am glad you are my boy.”

jonathan: “Yeah, but you have to share with Dad.”

me: “No I don’t. Dad won’t care. Go ask him.”

jonathan: “Dad, Mom says I’m her boy and she doesn’t have to share with you. Is that okay?”

dad: “No, you are my boy too, and she has to share.”

jonathan: “Mom, Dad says you have to share. I’m his boy too.”

me: “No, John, you are all mine. I know Dad really won’t care.”

jonathan: “Dad…”

dad: “You are my boy too…”

jonathan: “Dad says I’m his boy too and you have to share. And, that’s that. Goodnight.”

me: :)


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