About Mom, net Mom….

Weird name for a website.

I know what Mom means, but what is “net Mom”?

It’s kind of a long story. No surprise that I might have a mega-word story in me but fortunately, for you, I’ve forgotten most of the extended and boring details. I’ll only give you the shortened and exciting version. (I can hear you clapping—cut that out.) 

A couple of years ago we went to the library to check out some books. Big shock, I know. Checking out books at the library. But that’s why we were there. Anyway….the girls found this beautiful book about an Amish family. I remember that the pictures were very pretty. I can’t recall much else about the story other than the family had a horse named Roy. Roy got old or sick, or maybe they just needed another work horse (like I said I can’t remember all the details), so the father and son loaded up and went to a horse auction to procure a second horse. They walked around inspecting all the livestock and finally picked a gray (or brown or black or spotted) horse. He was lovely. Quite a looker if I remember correctly.

They bought him and brought him home to the family. Around the dinner table there was a lively discussion to determine the name of new horse. Everyone had a shot at voicing the name they wanted. When it came to the youngest he/she said maybe they should name him NetRoy. “Net” in Dutch means not. So in other words the littlest kid’s suggestion was to name their horse Not Roy since they already had a horse named Roy. You can imagine the laughter that errupted at that table. Who ever heard of naming something Not ____. I guess the family in the story found it so amusing that the name stuck. Horsey number two became Net Roy.

My children found it equally amusing. For several days around the house we had Isabelle and Net Isabelle, or Sophia and Net Sophia. Each time a “Net” name was said laughter rang out followed by a “Hey, mom, did you hear? We’ve got Jonathan and Net Jonathan?” 

Neat story, huh?

What does that have to do with Mom, net Mom? 


Aaaaa gotcha. Actually when I really started thinking about writing a blog I thought I COULD write about being a mom, but I could also write about NOT being a mom—about my other interests outside of “momdom” . After all before I was a mom I was just Lisa. I did have a life outside diapers and laundry and night migrating. I still do. Not as often, but it’s there bubbling and brewing underneath all the heaps & stacks & piles. It’s a life filled with adventure, intrigue, danger, drama and humor….okay, maybe I’ve been reading a bit too much….

But it is a life that involves God and knowing and following Him. Beading and jewelry making. Cooking and eating. Skiing and tandem riding. Camping and playing outside. Reading and writing. Being a wife and home school whip-cracker. Enjoying friends and laughter. Simple. Everyday life. My life.

So that’s how the name Mom, net Mom was birthed. 

It may be a weird website name, but go ahead. Join me. Celebrating the adventure.

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Sharon October 9, 2011 at 5:26 pm

I love the story behind the name of your blog! I assumed the net was short for internet. But, it’s actual meaning is much more fun! And I love, love, love the library. And I also tend to write and tell mega-word stories :)

Lisa October 10, 2011 at 11:13 pm

My kids just asked me about the blog name a couple of days ago. I told them this story and they don’t really even remember the book. Sad. Time goes by too quickly. :(

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