Rabbit Hole

by Lisa on September 17, 2009

alice_in_wonderland2 Blue dress, white pinafore and blond hair, Alice quickly springs to her feet in pursuit of the the white rabbit she has just seen. Armed only with curiosity, and no forethought to where she is going, she blindly follows the rabbit down the hole. As she tumbles she spies a variety of peculiar objects that piqued her interest. With a plop she lands on the floor—smack in the middle of a hallway lined with little locked doors. There is a glass table holding a key, but to which door? She begins to search the hallway and behind a curtain she finds a very tiny door. Inserting the key, the door swings open wide. Straining to see through the little doorway she catches site of beautiful garden, and the adventure begins.

When penning Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll could have been writing about me. I often feel like Alice searching through a strange world where adventure, knowledge and fulfillment of my curiosity are only a finger tip away. Navigating the online sphere often brings me to a place of: Do I choose to drink what’s in the bottle, or eat the cake? If I drink the contents of the bottle which doors will open and what will I see? Or, if I eat the cake what will be my vantage point from my enlarged state?

Many a day I run to the computer only “to check something” and find myself in a hallway filled with cakes and potions, and lined with tiny doors. This morning was no exception. It started as a simple email check and ended up an hour plus journey.

Today’s travels began with an email from Christian HomeKeeper Network . In the email Mrs. Sylvia Britton had a blurb from The Nourished Kitchen about a free giveaway. Well, of course, FREE always draws my eye so I began to read. In her post, Mrs. Britton announced that The Nourished kitchen has paired with Cultures for Health and are offering a free e-book titled Get Cultured: Fermented Foods from a Nourished Kitchen and an opportunity to win a half-gallon vegetable fermentation master.

Interested in both the e-book and the vegetable fermentation master, I wanted to see just who is The Nourished Kitchen and Cultures for Health . I’ve been wanting to learn how to make kimchi and sprouted grain bread so I began to peruse their sites for instruction. Lots of great information and knowledge to be gleaned. Cutures for Health also has a great blog jam-packed with terrific recipes and tips.

The final door opened on this morning’s trip was a link from Cultures for Health’s blog to Sustainable Living on a Budget . Sustainable Living on a Budget is based out of Portland, Oregon and offers workshops, consulting, link & reviews. Makes me want to take a workshop—or two.

Now my kids are shaking me awake and my husband wants the computer. Time to get back to the real world. I’ve bookmarked all the sites and will go back for further investigation when time allows. Who knows what what will happen then—it may just lead me to a different rabbit hole.

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