Celebrate February with Love Letters: Part One

by Lisa on February 8, 2012

Love is in the air…

…or maybe just plain craziness

…the jury is still out.

Writing is something I really enjoy doing. Writing is something I should do. Writing is something I need to do.

And, I’ve been feeling the urge more to write more lately.

Having many thoughts floating around my peaked head, and several “unpublished” posts, I kinda figured out I need to have a goal about this blog-thing.

But, (and there always is a but) there is a slight problemo. I am not very disciplined about making the time to write. I am already stretched too thin in many areas of my life. I take too bloody long when writing. (I write, and rewrite, and labor over every word wanting it to sound just how I hear it in my head.) And, I tend to be like a ping pong ball bouncing from one topic to another with never a consistent theme or idea.

While none of these “issues”, in of themselves, are necessarily bad, I’ve realized I must to force myself to write. I must to develop a plan, a goal, a direction—like 31 Days: Live Intentional.

February is here. It is a crazy month for us as a family—multiple work schedules, a lot of extra commitments, messy house, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc. But, needing to write more, wanting to write more, “shouldaing” write more just ain’t going to happen on it’s own.

So…in celebration of February—the Love month, the month of Love—I am going to write. About what? Love, of course. And, more specifically love letters. Or, letters of love stories.

Stay tuned. The love-crazy, or crazy-love verdict will be in in less than 21 days.

And now, I get to formally welcome you to February: the month of forced-writing, the month of crazy, the month of love, the month of love letters. The month of crazy-love. Yee ha!


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Celebrate February with Love Letters

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