Crib Update

by Lisa on January 15, 2009

The “Littlest Bundle of Joy” has turned two. He’s still a ball of chub and yum, but the all-gum smile has disappeared.

And, so has the crib. But we are thankful. Thankful that our little Jonathan has a cozy bed.

A lovely bed actually. The mattress is one of those Tempur-Pedic memory foam kind. You know…where the ads say you can jump on the bed and the other person who happens to be in a deep slumber won’t even feel it. Or maybe it was that you could set your drinking glass on the bed then climb on the mattress and jump up and down all the while not spilling a drop of precious liquid. Nothing but the best for our John John.

The sheets are a cream-colored, high thread-count variety. Soft and smooth. Smothering those luxury sheets is a fluffy down comforter, followed by a powder-boy-blue cover. Goose down pillows add an extra touch of plushness. Topping it all off  is the softie blanket that I love. Heaven. Everything a little boy could hope for in a bed. bed

Uh…and his parents too. We’re glad he lets us share it with him….

Good thing it’s king-size and he’s still small. How else would we fit a family of five in it? You know…those night migrators and all.

We always say that if ‘Lifestyles of the Poor & Optimistic’ builds a house we would build one with a sleeping porch. Then we could come and go at will. And all sleep in the same room when the mood struck. We would each have our own built-in alcove and could whisper stories back and forth. Snuggle up together if we wanted, or go to our own spots to spread out. Listen to each other snore or talk in our sleep. We’d even get some nice dog beds so the jackals could join.

But, seeing how that day hasn’t yet come, we’re content for now to share the bed and room with our littlest bundle of joy…and on occasion his sisters. This time will pass quickly and we know we’ll look back on it fondly. And there really is very little that is sweeter than rolling over to see your itty bitty staring at you and then reaching out to give you a good morning hug and kiss.

Besides….it’s not like he’s going to be in high school sleeping with us.

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