by Lisa on June 21, 2012

Ever have one of those Homer Simpson moments?

Well I did tonight.


It’s been a crazy hectic week. Three full days—Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, of the CC Practicum. Not a whole lot of sleep Sunday night as I was finishing my prep for the Practicum Playcamp. And, then today, Thursday, ten kids at my house—yes, I did say ten.

Okay so I’m trying to make my week sound worse than it really was. After all I am trying to garner sympathy and pity. I need ya all to feel so sorry for me so I don’t look like such a complete idiot. I need something to blame my Doh! moment on.

In all reality, it was a great week. The Practicum was inspirational, encouraging, and helpful. As a matter of fact it (the Practicum) was loads of fun—so much so that I didn’t even notice, or mind, my general tiredness. And, today, the ten kids were actually well-behaved and entertaining. I spent most of my day parked in a lawn chair in the backyard chatting it up with another friend while the children frolicked in the sunshine—running, laughing gaily, and playing sweetly with one another.

No, my Doh! moment was purely due to a brain fart. (My husband is cringing right now as he HATES the word fart, but that is what it was.)

At dusk hubby-dear went out to mow the lawn before the predicted rains show their ugly heads tomorrow, and I took the opportunity to move my rump to the chair in front of the ‘puter and surf. I logged onto Facebook and started scrolling down the page.

I “liked” a couple of friends’ posts. Commented on a couple others, and kept scrolling. That’s when I saw hers.

My friend. The one who just lost her Mother in a unexpected and tragic way. The one who is alternately laughing and crying while she grieves her beloved Mom. The one who has been working hard all week trying to tie up loose ends that her Mom left. The one whom I promised to make dinner for her husband and children while she’s out of town. The one whose family I completely forgot about. The family who, earlier this evening, was probably left wondering, “When in the world is our dinner going to show up?”


Actually…when I saw her Facebook update I loudly said, “Oh shit!” (Yes, hubby-dear is cringing again.)

I sent her a quick email, and then called her husband. I apologized for my absentmindedness aka brain fart. Her husband was kind and gracious. (He doesn’t know me well enough to say, “Yo, Dork!”) And, I rescheduled dinner-drop-off for tomorrow night.

Unfortunately there will no excuses for me tomorrow night—there will be no fatigue, no homeschool thing to blame, no kids to use as scapegoats, no nothin’. Please pray for me.

—Pray I don’t Homer Simpson it again.

P.S. I got sunburned today, and while I was writing this post I burned our dinner and broke my glass filled with yummy red wine. If I believed in Karma I’d say touche’, but it’s a good thing I don’t.


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