Easter—It’s a Comin’

by Lisa on March 29, 2012

It’s that time again. Easter. Next week. Sunday, April 8th.

Time when:

We buy baskets, and bunnies, and chocolate eggs. We buy toys and coloring books and crayons. We buy new spring dresses or suits, and have family photos taken. Or, we drag our kids to the mall to have their picture taken with some random dude dressed in a giant rabbit costume. We tell our children a cute, fluffy, bunny is coming into the house, loaded with goodies, and is going to leave them with piles o’ treats while they are sleeping.

On Sunday morning, we indulge on jelly beans and sugary yummies before breakfast. We send our kids out to run around the back yard searching for two, or three, day old colored eggs. We may go to church. And, we often gather our families to share a meal and celebrate. We try to almost-duplicate the Thanksgiving process, but this time we do it when tulips and daffodils are pushing up the earth. We toast wine glasses, and we eat turkey or ham, and green beans, and rolls. We unbutton our pants after overeating, and then later we roll to bed fat and happy.

Yep. We do all kinds of things in the name of Easter, but do we ever really think about what Easter means? What it’s about?

Over the next week I’ll share what I believe, think, and know Easter to be.


Tell me—what does Easter mean to you?

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