Five Minute Friday: Stretch

by Lisa on August 17, 2012

Index finger and thumb meet index finger and thumb. The ooey, gooey sticky white mass is being pulled and stretched—back and forth. As it transfers from one set of fingers to the other set, the soft, gummy mess begins to take new shape. No longer discernible in its original solid form, the sweet confection, which was meant to be roasted over the open fire, has transformed to a squishy, gluey mallow-taffy.

I watch in wonder. The stretcher, oblivious to my observations, concentrates. Pull, stretch transfer. Pull, stretch, transfer. Pull, stretch, transfer.

After an unspecified amount of pulls, the strecher stops. She doggedly surveys her work, and determines it’s enough. She looks up and smiles. The desert is sufficiently changed into the new medium and ready for a consumption.

For a split second I see God’s economy. Pull, stretch, transfer. Pull, stretch, transfer. The Creator working to grow and stretch us from one form into another, preparing us for utilization—His way.

Pull, stretch, transfer.



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Rene' @ Bargain Hoot August 20, 2012 at 7:55 pm

God’s molding me…I pray I shape up into what he desires…
Thanks for sharing your writing!!
Have a blessed evening!

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