In Loving Memory of Cathy Landles

by Lisa on May 7, 2012

Here’s what I envisioned some months before my Mom’s passing. Today we celebrate the two year anniversary of her going home.

Something stirred next to her. It sounded like the beating of wings. She opened her eyes. Piercing light seeped into the room. It seemed as if the sun itself had entered the four walls. Every nook and cranny was filled with vivid, glittering hues of alabaster and gold. So radiant and intense was the light, she had to shut her eyes as quickly as she had opened them.

Seconds later, she looked again. The light was still there. Only this time she could see figures standing in the illuminated splendor. At first they appeared just around the perimeter of her bed, but upon further inspection she could see row after row of faces. The living room walls had expanded to accommodate the multitude of bodies. In the intermingling of faces she spied many she recognized—Bill, Lisa, David & the kids, Ale, Bob & Francine, Dijana, Francesca, Claudia & Domenico, John, Marna, Francisco, Greg & Shana, Frank, Gary & Jeanne, Sam, Beth & Steve. Behind her family and friends were other faces. Some looked strangely familiar while others were complete unknowns.

Angels, she concluded. My guardian angels. Each one stepping forth at just the right moment. Each one helping when needed. Each one bringing peace and blessing. Her eyes filled with grateful tears.

She stretched out her arms to touch those she loved so dearly. As she reached forward, she opened her mouth to try and speak. Before one finger met its mark or before one word reached her lips, a great gust of wind roared though the room. A loud clap of thunder immediately followed and then there was the sound of trumpets. Instantly the faces started fading into the light. She felt a pulling and tugging away—into the vast brightness that surrounded her.

The four walls were completely gone now. There was only bright, blinding light. The sea of brilliance appeared to stretch on forever in all directions. It was all she could see. There was nothing else. Swallowed up in the splendor, she soaked in its warmth and comfort.

She realized she was standing. She looked at her feet. They were bare. She looked at her arms. They, too, were bare and a golden-brown color. She touched her face and her hair. It seemed as if she had the body of her youth, only different and better. She threw her head back and began to laugh. She extended her arms wide, threw her head back, and started twirling around and around.

Then she heard it. A small whisper in her ear. She stopped. She stood still. There it was again. Her name. So softly and tenderly was it spoken that she had to strain to hear the letters and the sounds. It was a name like no other she had heard before, but innately she recognized it as her’s. It was beautiful.

She turned. The scene before her took her breath away.

In the distance an enormous spans of charcoal granite burst forth. It was rugged with jagged, unfinished edges. Over the top if it bubbled clear, aqua-blue water. As the water tumbled toward the pool at the bottom, it tossed tiny crystals into the air. Splashed away from expanse of churning water, the mini prisms picked up and reflected a rainbow of hues.

The ground was a lush, emerald color. It looked like moss-carpet covered in delicate violet-like flowers. The tiny blossoms in the most brilliant hues she had never seen. Trees fanned out over the meadow.

Giant carmel-colored mane. Sitting regal, head upright, back legs tucked under him. In the crook

That’s when she saw Him. The Lamb. The precious Son of God.

He was moving toward her with a smile on His face. She stood still. He continued to come. His smile grew. As He reached her reached out to her with open arms. She felt His warm embrace, “Welcome home, my beloved daughter,” she heard Him say. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

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Dan Patrick May 10, 2012 at 8:30 am

Beautifully done, Lisa

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