Late Nights and Funny Stories

by Lisa on March 7, 2012

It’s March. Didn’t quite get in all the “Love LettersI wanted to in February, but I did accomplish my goal of writing more. The Love Letters will keep coming, and when I post a new one I’ll linky link it back to the February ones so it looks I was really more on the ball than I am. Good plan, eh?

Been under a heap o, self-induced, stress lately. Got a lot on my mind and it’s coming out in the I’ll-wake-up-at-3:00-am-and-never-go-back-to-sleep method. I hate that method. I had it when my Mom was sick (that’s when I did most of her CaringBridge posts).

I’ve tried laying in bed and closing my eyes. I’ve tried breathing and relaxing my body. I’ve praying. I’ve even tried praying myself to sleep, but it doesn’t seem to work very well. I’ve tried reading…well…if you consider checking email and Facebook reading. So now I’m off to try writing. Yep. Writing. Something funny. Something uplifting. Something to get my mind off of whatever else is making my brain spin out of control in little circles like that thingy on the top of our computer screen when I lock it up and it’s stuck trying to load/reload a page.

Okay. So here goes. I’m sitting here.

Yep. Still sitting here.

Just a sittin’ here.

Stiiiilllllll sitting here. Looking around the house, trying to jog the ole brain about a funny story.

Okay. I give up. I can’t think of a blasted story. Not feeling the story-love today. I guess I’ll shamelessly plug a couple of funny blogs I’ve started following. Maybe that’ll take my mind off things, make me sleepy, and…ZZZZZZ

Oops! Where was I? Oh, yeah.

Nothing gives me a wicked belly laugh like this blog. It can be rude. It can be crude. But, darn, the girl is funny. Amber Dusick’s posts are just the kind of thing Moms need to read when you are having one of those “Ug!-I-can’t-do-this-parenting-thing” kind of a day, or when your having an “Am-I-the-only-one-going-through-this?” kind of a day. You should also read it whe you’re having an “Ug!-I’m-gonna-pull-my-kids-hair-out-or-my-own-out” kind of a day, or when you’re having a “Oh!-these-kids-are-so-stinkin’-cute-wish-I-could-tell-someone-about-it” kind of a day. In other words it’s an everyday, when she posts, blog read. Hubby-dear HATES the title of the blog (Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures), and isn’t too crazy about it in general, but I find her sense of humor right up my alley. Here’s one of my favorite posts. Check it out. Let me know what you think.

The other blog I want to shamelessly plug is one I just stumbled upon this past week—Bower Power. Within a few short days, this blog has rocketed to the top five and become a fav. This girl has got it all. Wit. Humor. Home decorating and DYI tips and posts. Photography. A cute kid. Sponsors. Bootie. And, she’s a Christian. A Jesus lovin’ girl with some swagger. Yee ha! Katie posted this week about Refinance-ing their home.  The article started out with “It’s Monday – let’s talk about money honey.  moolah.  benjamins.  greenbacks.  dough.  skins.  bones.” Hooked me in. But, as I read I was (pleasantly) surprised by how informative and helpful it was. (—especially if you’re thinking about a refinance) The article topper? The girl is just plain funny. So all in all, good things. Yep. I’m a Bower Power follower now. How about you?

Okay…so…the sun is up. It’s after 7:30 and NOW I’m tired. I think I’ll try and get a little shut-eye before all the monkeys get up. I may have about an hour or so. Then we are off and running. So…TTFN, and nighty nite.

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