Meet Martha & Her Sisters

by Lisa on June 19, 2009

3291338378_f8165af862A couple of weeks ago we welcomed five Buff sisters into our household. Who says blonds don’t have more fun? These five girls do. They’ve got fun written all over them. In the last three months they’ve explored new ground, tried new cuisine and moved twice.  They’ve been up before the sun rises and exercised till the sun sets. They’ve been held and cuddled to sleep. And, they’ve even been chased by the kid and dog paparazzi—everyone just wanting a little piece of ‘em. Honestly that kind of fun makes you want to go blond, doesn’t it?

The quints arrived on a Friday night about dusk and were in an outright flutter. Maybe it was that cardboard box they rode home in or the excitement of a new roost. Maybe it was just too close to their bedtime. We’re not quite sure, but we unloaded the gals and showed them their new digs—the neighbors old dog run, an old dog crate and a couple of sticks to sit on. Not quite the Taj Mahal, but the girls seemed pleased.

We’re still not sure who’s the oldest or the smartest, but we do know Martha and Oprah are the sweetest. Esther and Goldilocks are just a wee bit shy, and that Buttercup…well…we can already tell she’s the most temperamental. Doesn’t really matter how moody the biddy is—as long as she produces, she’ll be safe.

Every day, so far, with the Buffs has been a barrel of hoots. We get up, put on on our “poop shoes” and go check hens. Seems like we’ve been Orpington farmers for…well…a couple of weeks.  Jonathan is usually hollering the whole way out to the pen, “Me hold, me hold”. The sisters should start laying in a few months and by then we should have their winter palace done and ready for cold weather living.

Right now we’re just gong to enjoy the summer and the girls with their feathers and fluff.

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